The Real Elvis Presley

"Elvis Presley - 8th Degree Black Belt"

  Elvis Presley is a well-trained, highly-disciplined martial artist. A combination which makes him a truly dangerous opponent!

Elvis Presley's hand-to-hand combat training in the Army sparked his interest in the martial arts. Elvis studied under Japanese karate instructor Murakami Tetsuji while stationed in Germany. Soon after returning to the United States, he tested for and earned the rank of first degree black belt!

Elvis Presley studied Shotokan under Juergen Seydal, Chito-ryu under Hank Slemansky, Pasaryu system under Master Kang Rhee, and the Kenpo style under Ed Parker.

Elvis utilized his photographic memory to memorize the IKKA (Kenpo) manual, as written by Mr. Edmund K. Parker, Sr.

Ed Parker is a tenth degree black belt, a senior grandmaster, and one of the premier martial arts teachers the world has ever known!

Elvis remains devoted to the martial arts; he has achieved the rank of eighth degree black belt and his karate name is Tiger!

  "I am a soul, a spirit, a force. I have no interest in anything of this world. I want to live in another dimension entirely." - Elvis Presley  

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