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Steeling for a Living


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Larry White,   Pedal Steel Guitarist

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The Music Career of Larry White


Steeling for a Living    Vol. 1

  1. Country Boy

Recorded at Delta Sound in Ft. Worth, TX with Mickey Moody as engineer and producer. A group that I was working with, "Ronnie Dawson and Steel Rail", was recording original material weekly at Delta and Mickey hired us to track this tune written by Arkansas-born singer, songwriter, musician, brother duo, Ernie and Earl Cates. The record was released on the Starday label in 1973.


Artist-singer - J. David Sloan                Acoustic Guitar - Ronnie Dawson

Electric Guitar - Bobby Rambo                          Drums -  Paul Vinton

Bass - Jerry Harris                                   Steel Guitar - Larry White


Tech Notes: Steel guitar was double-tracked. On one side is straight steel and on the other side is steel through a Leslie tone cabinet.


  1. Black-Eyed Peas

From the Warner Brothers album, "Ray Wylie Hubbard and the Cowboy Twinkies". Recorded at the old Starday Studios in Nashville, TN and engineered by a fellow known as Sundance. Ray had struck a deal with Warner Brothers Records: use his band (The Cowboy Twinkies) supplemented with Nashville studio players, his choice of songs and Michael Brovsky (Jerry Jeff Walker's producer) was to oversee the production. This was Ray's first national album release, 1975.


Vocals -  Ray Wylie Hubbard                        Guitar -  Terry Ware (Buffalo)

Drums -  Jim Herbst (Six Pack)                      Bass -  Dennis Meehan (Clovis)

Steel Guitar, Dobro -  Larry White (Dogfoot)    Percussion -  Ron Snider

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo -  Bobby Thompson      Piano -  Shane Keister

Organ -  Bobby Emmons                               Fiddle -  Johnny Gimble


Tech Notes: Steel guitar uses a Mutron auto wah.


  1. Straight Brother

From the Mike Rabon album, "Texas 'Til I Die", 1975. Recorded at Dallasonic Studios, Dallas, TX. Mike Rabon was the writer of "I  See The Light" and "Western Union", hits for his former group, "The Five Americans". Years later he was still writing, singing, and playing and this particular song shows his sense of humor.


Vocals and Acoustic Guitar -  Mike Rabon             Drums -  Dahrell Norris

Bass -  Jim Grant                                              Dobro -  Larry White


Tech Notes: Dobro is a Moserite six string outfitted with a Gibson humbucking pickup, a Cry Baby wah-wah pedal, and a small Fender amp.


  1. Around

From the John Nitzinger album, "Live Better Electrically", 1976. This was John's (Ft. Worth, TX rock and roller) first national release on 20th Century Fox Records.


Vocals and Guitar -  John Nitzinger              Drums -  Randy Reeder

Bass -  John Nitzinger                                Steel Guitar -  Larry White


Tech Notes: Steel guitar bar bounce at opening and 2nd verse and Leslie tone cabinet on chorus.


  1. I Wanna' Be With You

From the Doc Severinsen Epic album, "Night Journey", 1976. Recorded at Dallasonic Studios in Dallas, TX and engineered by Don Smith and Thom Cassetta. Shortly after this album was released, the president of the label, Steve Popovich, who had championed this project, left the label and none of the new regime at Epic cared. This doomed this album to no promotion and a short life.


Trumpet and Flugel -  Doc Severinsen      Keyboards -  Fred Crane

Bass -  Ernie Chapman                      Guitars, Bob Thomas, Vic Stewart

Drums -  Paul Leim                           Steel Guitar -  Larry White

Trombone -  John Osborne                 Saxophones -  Randy Lee

Percussion -  Ron Snider      Tpt., Flugel -  Don Thomas, John Anderson,

                                                                    Jay Saunders


Tech Notes: Steel guitar through a Leslie tone cabinet.


  1. Ett Jordiskt Och Himla Liv

From the Swedish guitar player's album, "Peter O. Eckberg", 1976. Recorded at Sundance Studios, Dallas, TX. Swedish guitarist, Peter O. Eckberg, showed up in Dallas with his encourage of friends and producers. Terribly nice people and very musical. They put no boundaries on my playing and I tried to respond in the moment. By the way, in case you cannot tell, it is sung in Swedish! Fortunately, the musical language knows no boundaries.


Guitars, vocals - Peter O. Eckberg                 Piano -  Tommy Haliden

Drums -  Paul Leim                                     Steel guitar -  Larry White

Bass -  Dave Stanley                                   Percussion -  John Pritchett



  1. Mexico Bar

From the Ray Wylie Hubbard Lone Star album, "Off The Wall", 1978. Recorded at Robin Hood Studios, Tyler, TX and engineered by Robin Hood Brians.


Acoustic gtr, lead vocal -  Ray Wylie Hubbard     Drums -  Jim Herbst

Bass -  Dennis Meehan                                  Steel guitar -  Larry White

Percussion -  Ron Snider                                 Lead guitar -  Terry Ware


Willie Nelson was starting his own label, Lone Star Records, and decided to release this album as a favor to Ray. Included on this album was Ray's actual cut of his famous song, "Redneck Mother", a tune that had been brought to fame by Jerry Jeff Walker's recorded version.



  1. Lonely Lady

Recorded at RockinTrax  Studios, Milford, PA, 1980. This band called "South" was established by a partnership between New York jingle producer, Ed Labunski and rock and roll guitar legend, Lonnie Mack. Ed bought a hunting lodge outside Milford, PA and built a half-a-million dollar recording studio from a horse barn across the road from the lodge. We spent a year and a half developing the band, studio, and the recording, only to have Ed die in an unfortunate car accident in the foothills of the Poconos just after we finished the album. This album is still available in it's entirety at Lonnie Mack's website.


Lead vocal, guitar -  Lonnie Mack                  Drums -  Luther Rix

Bass -  Tom Wolk                                       Piano -  Stan Seleszt

Steel guitar -  Larry White


  1. The Amazing Mr. M

From the "Recoil" PAUSA Records album, "Pardon My Fantasy", 1982. This tune was written in honor of Pat Coil's and Pete Brewer's association with Pat Matheny, "the amazing Mr. M". Recorded at Clearlight Studios, in Lancaster, TX (the second Clearlight Studio in association with Dallas bass player, Bob Gentry).


Keys -  Pat Coil                                     Drums -  Mike Collier

Bass -  Bob Gentry                                Guitars -  Bud Guin, Brady Moshe

Steel guitar -  Larry White                     Woodwinds, Lyricon -  Pete Brewer

Percussion -  Ron Snider


  1. Driftin' Back To You

Recorded at Clearlight Studios, Lancaster, TX and engineered by Bob Gentry and Larry White. Released on Night Hawk Records, 1985.


Lead Vocal -  Dee Dwayne                            Drums -  Brad Smith

Bass -  Bob Gentry                                      Piano -  Randy Fouts

Steel guitar -  Larry White                            Guitars -  Wes Taylor

Percussion -  Ron Snider


  1. Draggin' The Bow

Recorded at Clearlight Studios, Lancaster, TX and engineered by Larry White. This was a project band that was put together by Ronnie Dawson and was called "Fat Dog". This song was written about a fiddle-playing uncle of Ronnie's, "Uncle Bill" -  Year 1987.


Lead Vocal, acoustic gtr -  Ronnie Dawson   Drums -  programmed by L. White

Bass -  Larry White                                         Keys -  Frank Hames

Electric gtr -  Vic Stewart                                 Fiddle -  Johnny Strong


  1. Crazy

This live recording was made at Clearlight Studios, Lancaster, TX, 1992, and engineered by Bob Gentry. A mother and daughter singing duo, Cheryl and Kristi Anderson, assembled this grouping of players that included the great Tom Morrell on guitar. Yes, it's the Willie Nelson song, "Crazy", with a nice live feel (no overdubs).


Vocals -  Cheryl & Kristi Anderson                     Drums -  Bill Miner

Bass -  Mike Redden                                       Guitar -  Tom Morrell

Keys -  Kelly Durbin                                        Steel guitar -  Larry White


  1. Western Standard Time

From the Square Tree Records CD, "PrairieMagic", 1995. Recorded at Alley Cat Studios, Denton, TX by David Rosenblad.


Lead Vocal, acoustic gtr -  Keith Reimer           Drums -  Tim Benton

Bass -  Lyles West                               Christopher Savino -  Electric gtr

Dobro -  Larry White                              Fiddle -  Thurston Shelby

Bkgd Vocals -  Wendell Callaway


  1. Tailwind

Recorded at Mike Medina's home studio in Las Colinas, TX. Mike always tells me he wants me to be the "glue" for his musical productions. Great soprano solo by Dallas' Tom Braxton - Year 1997.


Harp -  Cindy Horstman                                Drums -  Mike Medina

Guitars -  Jim Casey                                     Bass -  Mike Medina

Steel guitar -  Larry White                             Soprano Sax -  Tom Braxton

Keyboards -  Frank Hames


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The Music Career of Larry White

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