The Lady of White Rock

White Rock: The Thin Veil Series


The well known story of The Lady of White Rock Lake goes like this; a man was driving his car on the road around White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas, and he sees a girl in wet clothing, standing beside the road hitchhiking. He stops to pick her up, and the girl gets into the back seat of his car. She gives him driving instructions to her lakeside house, then tells a story about an accident in which her car was propelled into the lake and she barely escaped.

The driver pulls into her driveway, but when he turns around, the girl has disappeared, leaving only a puddle of water on the seat. He walks up to the house, knocks on the door, and learns from an elderly man that the girl was his daughter who was killed in a car wreck by the lake. Her car went into the lake, and she drowned, but every year her ghost makes an appearance on the anniversary of her death.


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