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How can we balance our daily diet?

People are always talking about getting on a diet! Your diet is whatever you consume, you do not get on a diet. If we eat grapefruit all day, we're on a grapefruit diet.

If you want to stay strong and health, it's important to improve your diet! The degreaser ingredient in our diet is of course fiber! You must increase the fiber and decrease the saturated fat in order to balance a diet. Cleaning the dirt or fat from the GI (gastrointestinal) tract is just the first step in knowing how to improve the diet.

Most people are confused about how to balance their diet because so many other people try to tell them what they should or should not eat. When we understand why we should or should not eat certain foods it is easier to understand the overall importance.

the Cells & the Cylinders

The cells of your body are like the cylinders of your car's engine. The reason we put fuel into our car is to create the proper air/fuel mixture for the engine's combustion cylinders.

Think of your body as having trillions of cylinders or cells! The reason the human body consumes food is to nourish the more than 80 trillion cells or cylinders that make up our body.

The intake and exhaust manifolds of the body!

We now know that the cylinders of our car are like the cells of our body. Our cells have an intake side and an exhaust side, just like our car's cylinders have an intake side and an exhaust side. And on both sides of the cells and the cylinders there are filters.

On the car's intake side we have the air and fuel filters to clean the air/fuel mixture. On the body's intake side we must depend air and water filters in our home and the fiber in our diet to keep our system clean.

On the exhaust side of the car's cylinders we have the catalytic converter to filter the exhaust emissions and a muffler to filter the noise. On the exhaust side of our cells we have a vast complex network of capillaries, thin vessels, valves, ducts, nodes, and organs that filter and eliminate the waste of our system.

The keys to healing and good health.

The physical cellular body is constantly reproducing itself, when our cells are nourished properly they can produce and reproduce healthy and healthier cells. The key to healing the body is to keep the GI tract clean with fiber and consume the proper levels of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other life essential nutrients so the blood can properly nourish the cells.

Our cells can perform the miracles of healing and good health, if they get what they need daily. It doesn't matter if we are overweight or underweight, we stay stronger and healthier when our cells are nourished properly.

What are the signs of malnutrition?


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